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Looking for a nice vacations in CHILE?

Chile Travel Site allows you to get the best 
solution because it is the Web page that offers the greatest quantity and variety of options to meet the major cities of Chile.  We offer Package, Excursion and Tour for it.  With Travel Chile Site you can find the best accommodation options, including the conditions and in places You wish. You can pre-book any service without cost, or you can also send us your plan and we will send you the most convenient proposals to your wish.

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In our Site You will find :
Chile Guide contain (General information of Chile, National attributes, Chile money, Customs regulations, Historical synthesis, Principal cities, Festival days, Chile cuisine & cocktails
Chile Tourist and Historic offer tourist and historic Information and facts about Zone and Regions of Chile
Chile Places offers Photos and Information of the more important Places in all Chile cities, ordered by Type of Places or by Area, with access to Specialized Searchs (Places by Use depending on What you want to do?) like (Where to go for recreation ?, Where to buy ?, Where to eat ?, Places related to Health, Money, Education, Travels, Comunications, Religion, Office, Embassy and Tramits, and Others), or access to Types of Places that You Want (Appartment for Rent, Associations, Bridges, Important Buildings, Churches, Electronic Mails, Embassies, Hostels, Hotels, INFOTUR, Libraries, Ministeries, Post Offices, Schools, Telephon Offices, Temples, Tunels, Universities, Views, Weather Station)
(Fuel Service, Rent a Car, Taxis, Airports, Airlines, End Station), and Others
Chile Maps shows the Regions and Areas, most important Comunas and neighborhoods maps of Chile, linked to photos and Information of places.
Cuba Music give you a selection of the best Cuban Music. 70 songs .MP3, and the most famous cuban singers, orchestra, musical groups and videos musica, and the Best Cuban Hits. 
THE CUBAN MUSIC SEARCHING  New Travel Chile Site Service will permit To see and Play CUBAN SONGS, MUSICAL, CHILDREN AND COMICAL VIDEOS selecting by : Type and Interpreter or Play, Buy and Discharged CUBANS RECORDS selecting by : Type of Music and Interpreter You want
Do not miss the opportunity to meet Chile, learn about Chile culture and traditions, getting the best all times.,
Chile Maps You can select the map that you wish to, see photos, information, places to visit and Hotels and Houses for Rent in this area.
Mapas de Regiones y Zonas de Chile Mapa de Santiago de Chile & Alrededores Mapa de Santiago de Chile

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Lake District
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Atacama Desert
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Viña Concha y Toro
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Skying in the Snow
Places to go
If it's the first time that you visit Chile, we offer our suggestions of places that you don't want to miss to see in Chile or "Places by Use" or "Places by Type"
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